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Innovation management - passionate and analytical

You might think of the combination of a sports physician and a coach to get an idea, of what we can do for your company, business teams and managers - not in sports but in the field of innovation management. Innovationsdoktor is German for "innovation doctor", i.e. not a doctor , if your company is seriously ill, but one who covers all the aspects to optimize structural, strategic and mental fitness for enhanced innovation performance in today´s  competition.

The brand "Innovationsdoktor"  stands for professional services by  Reinhard Fricke - professor for innovation management at  Leibniz University  Hannover  - and his multidisciplinary team of partners. We support our clients with consulting and coaching  and Reinhard Fricke is a business speaker as well. Our approach implies a deep understanding of the inherent duality, which is characteristic for innovation. What seems to be opposite needs, turns out to be complementary elements of a unity, a  dynamic balance of pairs  comparable to the well known ying-yang concept and symbol. Thus our clients benefit from our competence to spread the wings from strict structural and analytical thinking  to passion, human interaction and mental energy -  and we make the  wings work together !

"Innovationsdoktor" - current focus areas for clients :
 innovation process  - setting up and enhancing speed, efficiency and outcome of innovation processes. We put a special  focus on consistency and completeness and integrating lean thinking without sacrificing creativity and innovation grade.

  innovation project -  helping to plan and conduct, including structural and soft skill aspects - fuzzy front end to focused back end, interdisciplinary  team building - taking pressure off the project  leader. 

 innovation leader - leading interdisciplinary  teams , creating the necessary mindset and persistence for demanding innovation goals is a special challange for managers.  Our dedicated coaching provides valuable feedback and inspiration to get the best from your innovation teams.

 innovation strategy - developing a sound  innovation strategy, which  fits into your overall strategy perfectly and defining the steps and measures necessary to  bring it to life.

 investment IVDD -   due dilligence  in the process of mergers & acquisitions all too frequent does not cover the innovation value properly. IVDD is an advanced method to evaluate midsize companies more precisely focusing on innovation capability, processes, mindset and culture.

Innovationsdoktor -  

scrutinise, listen, think lateral, act straight ahead !